Now I actually appreciate the car quite a bit more. Always helps to hear things from the head and Tim Kuniskis is a strong salesman (as he should be). I would personally create a template message based around this if I were in car sales. People actually love great salespeople, the trick is being a sincere and passionate expert on the product instead of projecting your personal issues on the guests inquiring about the product.

Everyone slams on FCA (and plenty of other automakers) so much that it’s really easy to forget there are plenty of hardworking and passionate people behind these projects at every level. The entire industry is like this and it’s nice to have the reminder.

If you have some time, check out Mazda Vehicle Development Engineer Dave Coleman talk about the Mazda CX-9.

We need more knowledgeable and relevant faces with cars instead of random models, actors, and musicians. Maybe that’s why everything coming out right now feels so disconnected and cold. You can’t fake sincerity.