We painted our hideous kitchen so that it's less hideous.

Here’s a photo from the listing from three (four?) years ago:

That wasn’t white paint, by the way. It was RUSTOLEUM RATTLE-CAN TEXTURED STONE. Worst look and paint ever. They even used it on the trim in several places.


Here’s today:

Goodbye green walls and mismatched oil rubbed bronze knobs and handles. Hello inoffensive white and brushed nickel. Plus, a towel ring! Oooh ahhh.


Behold my tiny outdated kitchen. Hasn’t been remodeled since 1985, all appliances some variation of “old.” Ancient hot water tank used to be behind the stove under the countertop.

Yes, I have a pink countertop. New top is on order, should be here in a few weeks. It will not be pink.


As a reminder, this house is 886 square feet, and I drove 30-something year old Toyotas since I was 23 to get by. Did you think my house was going to look impressive? Fools! 🙃

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