We raced in some karts. Also, Mini's rims have ovalized :( Need some advise

Raced karts in an endurance race in Detroit. They lent us their karts, 4 man team, 30 minutes per driver. It was fun! I’m quite tired now. We managed to finish 5th out of 10 teams. Yay :)

So the rims; on the way to Detroit I felt a severe vibration in the steering. Stopped at a Firestone shop to get them balanced again. The guy shows me that the wheels are moving up and down while spinning on the balancing rig about 1/2 to 3/4th of an inch. He said he has balanced the wheels as best he could and it does not vibrate for now. But now I’m paranoid that the wheels have lost some of their strength... These are the white alloys that the car has had for the last 200k miles btw:


Has anyone else experienced rims ovalizing like this?

I have found replacement rims for the Mini right now:

$450 for OEM rims is pretty good as well.

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