Looks so simple, but oh no...
Looks so simple, but oh no...

Biggest pain in the ass in the world. He started at 11am, I came home from work at 2. We finished at 7.

Daylight has abandoned us. Also it’s cold.
Daylight has abandoned us. Also it’s cold.

All the usual thing happened. The new shock was a different size, the new fittings were the wrong size (we went to *seven* stores before finding what we needed), the way the shock attaches to the leaf springs seems to have been engineered by a drunk, and plus the siezed bolts, rust and dust on all the old junk, smashed my knuckles, and so on...

But it was great!

On two occasions, my dad said, “Let’s give up,” but I actually thought of decent ideas. For example, the new shock was thiiiiis much short of attaching to the leaf spring. So I jacked up the leaf spring at a safe point with a cut of treated wood as a shim. Also, he only wanted to buy one fitting (L-shape that connects to the top of the shock. And I said, “You know if this one failed, the next one isn’t far behind.” Aaaaaaand we tested it and the other one has in fact failed as well. So that’s something to do next week. Plus, my wife bought Frosties.

But it’ll be way faster the second time. Hope we can beat our current of 13 man-hours 😀

Here’s a photo of the girl in daylight, for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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