We decided (finally).

Bringing home a 2019 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD next week. The dealer is detailing it for us and we are shopping around for the best auto rate in the meantime.

Please, please, please. Save your hatred for a worthier cause. My wife is happy and I am, too. We are paying off my 6 at the same time we are buying the Highlander. It’s boring but it works for us. In the end, for a daily driver mom car, I wanted something reliable, proven, and able to be serviced locally. I can literally walk to my office from the local Toyota dealer.

Toyota covers our maintenance for the first two years or 25,000 miles. We chose the $3,000.00 customer cash over the cheap financing, because the dealer matched it (giving us just over $6,000.00 off MSRP). We also plan to pay the Highlander off before our financing period is over, just like we are doing with my 6. Both of us have great credit, so finding a good rate won’t be difficult.


I don’t have any pictures of the actual one yet, but here are the stock photos.


We ended up with a Limited model, since it had the same equipment (minus a heated steering wheel) that the Subaru Ascent we fell in love with had.

The Limited has heated/cooled seats, a 10-speaker JBL audio system, reverse sensors, and a bunch of other goodies. We got the 10-year 100,000 mile warranty, too. My wife is a master negotiatior and we walked out the door tonight with a deal written up for us to get the Highlander for just over $1,000.00 under invoice. I worked with the sales manager there in a previous job, so he let me see more of the internal workings of the deal than most customers.


So, TL;DR - We bought a Highlander. It’s not a VW Atlas. It’s not a damn minivan. Sorry I didn’t take a lot of the advice Oppo gave me, but in the end, I think my wife and I did right for our family. The Highlander has a proven track record and good safety scores all around.

I tried to find a certified pre-owned one, but there are zero here locally...and the ones I did find farther away were literally about two grand less than a new one. Toyota resale value, I guess.


It also fits in our garage okay, which is a plus. We verified that with the gray XLE one we drove. Win?

First things first: I need the front two windows tinted to match the back. And, a full professional detail with ceramic coating from my detailer is already in the works.

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