commenters on Jalopnik are a weird ass bunch (in a crappy way) - Always complaining only new cars are hybrid crossovers and suvs, that nothing with 4 doors or a tall ride height is a Coupe, and that the Manual transmission is dying along with N/A engines.

They say, why cant they take X old car and build them new, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Then complain how the 370Z, a 2 door affordable coupe with a Stick shift, N/A engine sucks hard, it should be killed because... it doesnt come with CarPlay?

I L O V E how Nissan has kept the 370z and the GTR for so long, in 10 years from now on you could buy a decent priced/decent condition used one and enjoy your analog experience thanks to this fact.

I guess memory is not a thing with these kind of people, the exact same bunch who did not buy the NSX, Supra or RX7 back when it was new in lots and nobody wanted them.


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