Auto related ramblings after the jump

Frankly I dont see why we need cars to be so damn good. Imagine how much better new cars could be if all the useless stuff like sound deadning was never included. It would be cheaper faster and lighter at the expence of mildly different comfort.


Peaple complain about just how shitty a sonic or a yaris is but thats bullshit, they just have high standards. Why cant peaple acually appreciate the fact that those cars are amazing compaired to real crap cars ie runs on three cylinders, has broken seats, squeaky panels, and the rigidity of a plastic spork. As someone who has grown up with cheap cars it pains me to think that some peaple find new cars,”cheap” even with all the padding and interior panels. The car could be a whole lot,”worse” without these things.(even though they would be better) Maybe I’m an asshole, maybe peaple take for granted what they have.

If you cant tell already my writing skill is about 3 out of 10 so try to understand the point I’m conveying.