"We used a digital tach because analog wasn't fast enough"

Ever thought about this? I have. It’s not true.

They’ve made an engine that can rev to the absurd redline in 0.6 of a second. They’ve got 10 pistons jumping up and down hundreds of times a minute. And their engineers are unable to make a little plastic/glass/unobtanium needle move 20cm within 0.6 of a second? As if that’s the biggest engineering challenge on the car.


I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. The standard tachometer hardware on every other Lexus/Toyota wasn’t able to keep up, they couldn’t be bothered improving or re-engineering it. The digital tach was Lexus cheaping out - on a crazy-overpriced car no less. It was also probably the smart move, so good on them, but the implication that it revs impossibly fast? Rubbish.

These are the things I dwell on

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