On my ride in to work today I saw about 6 other motorcycles which is several more than usual. Mostly large cruisers and a few sportbikes, but not a single one of them was wearing a helmet! I just don’t get it...

I like my face so that chin bar is probably a good idea...

I always encourage motorcyclists to wear gear and I always at least wear boots, gloves, jacket, a full face helmet and frequently riding jeans/pants. I’m not an ATGATT Nazi, but come on, at least wear a helmet!!!

Even if you aren’t trying to drag a knee it’s important to acknowledge as a motorcyclist that you effectively have brought a knife to a Mexican stand off. I maintain that many of the risks associated with riding can be effectively mitigated through proper training, good gear, proactive riding, and strong situational awareness. However, even with all that, there still is a significant risk of serious injury and death. For me the risks are 100% worth it for the joy that is riding, but why not try to stack the deck in your favor as much as possible?


I’m probably preaching to the choir here so take this more as a rant/vent, but lets continue to positively encourage our 2 wheeled brethren to wear good gear.

Keep the shiny side up...but get frame sliders just in case