Please forgive the successive posts but weather is important here. I spend a lot of time on the road. Here, the most common car sticker is a window sticker that says My Job Depends on AG. I want one, because my life depends on agriculture.

Most of the fresh fruit and produce you eat comes from California (sorry Florida you have no lettuce). We literally feed the world.

We get almost no ag subsidies (really only cotton) and pay far more in federal taxes (40 million people and the largest state economy) than we get back


Please think about us when a restaurant serves you a nice salad in December. It likely came from Imperial Valley/Coachella/El Centro/ Yuma. Please look at labels and buy US commodities, which have the best food safety and sanitation standards ANYWHERE.

In the USA we produce the most and highest quality food far beyond anywhere else in the world. We should be proud that we feed the world. I am.


I’m mad because Hillary is fucking with my clients and I have been drinking a touch. My pro bono farm worker clients are in fucking WikiLeaks. How am I supposed to fight the next President? I just want to play with my car.

I represent Silvia Lopez and the other workers for free, workers who dont want to pay a union they did not choose. You can AMA or look at pickjustice.com or Google Gerawan and UFW and Silvia Lopez if you want to know what is going on. The short story is that we want the workers’ votes to be counted and the union and their powerful politician friends want to destroy their ballots.


You don’t have to believe me. There is coverage both ways - some of which attacks me.

I won’t be offended if the mods delete this I’m just tripping that my case was in the WikiLeaks emails and used to fuck Bernie (who I would vote for over Trump or Hillary).


I am sorry if this sounds crazy. I just want to play with my car. Sorry