Went to the Midwest this past weekend to visit family and go to an old friends wedding. Wedding was great. I have a feeling that late 20s/early 30s is when weddings are their best. Fun, but not too wild, seeing people means a little more because it’s been a while, but it’s still most people’s first wedding so there is a little more to the day. I dance my face off because I don’t care what I look like dancing but it doesn’t take a hangovers worth of beer to get me there.

But when I got home, it turned out my toddler had tweaked her knee going down a slide. And it could be bad. Like ACL or broken or I don’t know. My wife said at first she didn’t seem that bad and it looked like it was probably a pull/strain, so they went home and just took it easy but by this morning she didn’t want to move even in bed. I’m very scared she’ll have some serious recovery time that will interfere with lots of her development. She is just starting to crush it on the toilet training, and she loves running and playing; both of which could be hard if she’s in a brace or something.

On two car related notes. Way more corvettes(I saw way more c6/c7 than I do in the PNW) in the Midwest than here, way less rear wheel drive sport sedans(almost every BMW I saw was X drive except for roadsters). More Porsches than I noticed growing up in the area too.

And someone is finally selling a really well cared for 944 near me for a reasonable price. But unfortunately, I’m thinking car buying is off the table for the foreseeable future if my daughter needs surgery, which I will know soon. I’d do anything for her so it’s no big deal the timing was ironic though. I emailed the guy within 5 minutes of my wife texting me that her leg seemed to have been pulled/strained.

Finally, I had my first experience with spirit airlines. It wasn’t good. I can deal with no free beverages, and the baggage charges(which I didn’t end up being charged), but they seemed disorganized at both departures and the seats don’t recline which I normally don’t do on a shorter flight but on a 4 hour flight it made it hard to sleep.