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Wedding's Postponed

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We knew it was going to happen; doesn’t mean it sucks less than it does. We were suppose to get married July 4th of this year. It was going to be a very informal wedding: taco buffet, nacho cheese fountains, semi formal dress code, fireworks from the local minor league team that can be viewed from the rooftop of the venue. It was too perfect of a wedding to happen.


I had an optimistic view of this wedding venue until recently. Throughout the majority of us working with them, they have been nothing but professional and accommodating. Their policies in light of the events going on seem to air in their favor significantly. We basically had three options:

To keep 100% of the credit paid and owed, we reschedule to a date in their off season (November-March).


To keep 25% of the credit paid and owed, we reschedule anytime throughout the year.

To lose everything you paid and still owe (we owe one small payment that was our 21 days to event payment). You can completely cancel your event.


In summation, we will plan our wedding for March, our ceremony was suppose to be on the rooftop of the venue, so let’s pray for a warm March weekend.

I understand everyone is going through this for the first time, but to not offer a refund on cancelling is unacceptable. 

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