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Weeble Wobble, what's up with my wheel?

So, my car is wearing new bearings, and my defective side skirt (and repaired with zip ties) has been speed tested up to 90 mph. No problems! This is the best condition my car has been in for at least 60,000 miles. I think I’ll even happily say that I’ll no longer even consider Tucker a project car!

My car has one final mechanical issue. When I thought my front bearings were dying, I supported the idea by noticing that the steering wheel shakes and vibrates at speed. Now that the bearings are fixed, I can finally pinpoint what’s up. There’s no longer crazy loud noise and no longer crazy bad vibrations from the bearings.

It appears there is a lot of vibration coming from the front right wheel. It makes a quiet “womp womp” noise that’s dependent on speed. My guesses are either wheel weights or the tyre itself is bad. The womping noise is consistent with a wheel out of balance or a bad tyre. When I turn, the vibrations in the wheel may increase...


Are there any other issues I am to look for? I’m going to get the wheel balanced this week to see if that remedies the issue. If the tyre is bad (which is quite likely, they’re cheapo tyres from China) then I’ll just ignore it and wear it out.

Opel Speedster for your time. :)

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