Week 1: the tire shop strikes back

Operator: “welcome to inexpensive tire shopee, how can I asist you?”

Me: “do you have this tire in 225/40/r19 93Y?

Op: “we do but in 96W”

Me: “okay, not the same rating but whatever, I’ll take it”

*I go to the shop*

Me: “hey, I need this tire 225/40/r19 96W

Shop: “ oh we don’t have it in that rating, only 93Y”

Me: “yes! That one!”

Shop: “wait no, we don’t”

*goes back home*

Me: “op, you said you had it!”

Op: “well we don’t, we’ll have it by tuesday”

*tuesday comes*

Me: “op, is the tire there?”

Op: “oh it’s actually in Guadalajara, would you like to order it”

Me: “yes”

Op: “we’ll call you back”

*never calls me back*


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