Update #1: Well, I’ll be. The Texans did it. I told you, just let unexpected shit fall on Mahomes’ ankle and you’re golden. Also, the Saints only score 13 in a win? Weird.

Update #2: Broncos beat the Titans somehow, with some of the worst offense I’ve seen. Also, a word to players in the secondary: SECURE THE DAMN BALL WHEN YOU PICK IT OFF. Kareem Jackson intercepted Ryan Tannehill and on the return had it in one hand and was waving it all around. Knock it off! Jets won too (weird) and the Cardinals.


Week six. I’d like to take a moment to invite Steelers fans into the Drinking Shed of Misery. That game looked like it was painful to watch. It reminded me of the Broncos’ loss to the Jags. Feels bad, man.

But.... at least the Broncos finally managed a win. They still tried to give it away in the second half, but they put together a good drive and kicked a field goal to put it away. I think I need to cut them a bit of slack. They started this year with a new QB learning a new system, a rookie head coach, a rookie play-caller, they started without their middle linebacker and had no depth whatsoever at that position, and the system they run that relies heavily on a fullback has had to do without one because Andy Janovich got hurt in preseason. Oh, and their losses... their opponents’ combined record is 12-8. This week, though.... they HAVE TO win this game if they want to have any chance at redeeming this season. They cannot lose to the Titans. I’m worried because when the Titans run the ball they win, and the Broncos haven’t been good run-stoppers. Also, a running QB is their kryptonite. It’s been that way for years. I’m hopeful for another win today.

This week, our CBS games are the Texans at the Chiefs followed by Titans-Broncos. I don’t know if the Texans can pull this out. The Chiefs are probably pissed off. You’re going to have to step on Mahomes’ hurt ankle. Judging by their last game, you won’t even have to try to do it on purpose. It was like watching a cartoon; I half expected to see an anvil fall on his ankle. I picked the Chiefs mostly because they’re at home, but the Texans are a good team and I could see an upset. On Fox we only get an early game and it’s the Browns at the Seahawks? Gross. Yeah, there’s no possible way that the Eagles-Vikings game would be more entertaining. Sunday Night Football is the Steelers at the Chargers. While it will be pretty much a home game, I’ll take the Chargers. Too bad they couldn’t flex this game to Monday, because the MNF game is way better: Lions at Packers. I mean, Packers will win, but at least it should be a little competitive.

The rest:

Buccaneers vs. Panthers at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - For some reason I feel that the Panthers will win. That reason is that the game is already in progress and they lead 17-7.


Washington at Dolphins - No thanks, I’m good.

Eagles at Vikings - I picked the Eagles. Just a feeling, no reason. (disclaimer: I am below .500 in my pick ‘em league.)


Saints at Jags - Hey, it’s the John Carney Memorial Game! Yes, I know he’s still alive. I pick the Saints.

Bengals at Ravens - Do the Bengals win a game? I know the Dolphins are bad, but the Dolphins may actually be able to beat Washington. The Ravens should kill the Bengals.


49ers at Rams - THIS is the game that should be flexed into SNF. It should be a good one. I’m picking the Niners, mostly because Todd Gurley is out but also the Rams seem a little uneven right now.

Falcons at Cardinals - In games with two bad teams, I’m usually picking the home team. This time is no different.


Cowboys at Jets - Cowboys should win this one hands down, but I’m picking the Jets in an upset.

Bills, Bears, Colts, and Raiders are off.

I’m not sure if I will watch the early games as I have some chores to do, but it’s going to be a beautiful day so I’ll live. Enjoy whatever you do today, Oppo!

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