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Weekday Update of Weekend Update (New Kinja Feature!)

I’ve gotten so caught up in the bad news that I haven’t spilled the good news!

I dyed my own hair! You know, this stuff so easy I have no idea why I even bother going to a salon for my hair treatments.


As for the theft that happened in my home, update from my bank is that the transaction actually took place Thursday night. I remember locking my door that night and on Friday morning observing my door to be unlocked. I simply chalked it up to forgetting to lock it.

Nope, they unlocked my door, stole my purse, then bought an iPhone.


Prisma remains one of my favourite photo apps!

I’ve been slipping into depression lately. I even managed to gain 13 pounds. I hope to turn that around this week! Once all this court business gets resolved and I get my cameras set up, the cars will move back home...Maybe I can get the rallyfortwo finished before the year is out.


ETA: Also, I’ve been waiting forever for this feature!

ETA 2: WOW, so domestic abuser tenant got arrested tonight. Seeing as he VERY broke his supervision he’s going to be in jail for a very long time.


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