Living in Virginia presents one of the most frustrating problems to an automotive enthusiast— some of the greatest roads in the nation (Blueridge parkway, Skyline Drive, almost the whole Western half of the state for that matter) coupled with the most agressive anti-speeding police force in the nation.

This would typically present a problem for someone with a lead foot like me, but since my car got totaled last year, I’ve been stuck driving a slow, sluggish, top-heavy Xterra. It was time to actually put the thing to some good use...

Packed up the fiance and a friend and went out to Fort Valley this past weekend. Cool history— Fort Valley was going to be the Revolutionary Army’s potential last stand if they lost the battle at Yorktown. We camped near an old, now shuttered organization campground built in the 30s during the new deal era for undepriviledged kids from the DC Metro area.


The trip is a quick hour and a half from Northern Virginia. About 10 miles from the campsite, the roads snake alongside a creek, with convient places to wade into the water.

After my fiance and I took a brief break along the shores, we returned to the road and made our way out to the campsite. Paved roads became unpaved. Road names changed into alphanumeric Fire indicators. We scoped the area and picked a campsite, conveniently close to the old organization campground.


Later in the night, we made our way across a moonlit prairie to the first of the abandoned cabins. It was time to explore!

After surving the midnight excursion, it was time to return home. In the gutless adventure rig. But hey, with roads this beautiful, even a 4000lb, 170hp truck with a 5spd and rear drum brakes feels engaging and exciting! And bonus— it’s nearly impossible to go fast enough to snag a ticket...