The weekend is almost upon us and I’m trying to get motivated to work on some stuff. I figure I’ll make a list to provide some accountability, so I encourage all of you to be disappointed in me when I don’t finish these.

Mid-Weekend Update

The Tooty Scooty got rebuilt on Friday evening.... and again on Saturday morning. I hit the bike store after work on Friday and $3 later had the correct bearing. Good thing too, because the ones that came in Saturday were, predictiably, incorrect. Anyway, got the rear hub cleaned up and re-packed with grease. This time around I put the coaster brake pads back in based on the suggestion they actually serve a purpose outside of braking.


This turned out to be a bad call. My understanding of how coaster brakes turns out to have been incorrect. I thought the coaster brake arm engaged the brake. It does not. It keeps the brakes from unscrewing the rear hub and causing... badness. Which they did do.

Luckily the bike and I survived. I googled the problem and yeah... you can just remove the brake pads without consequence. I re-rebuilt the rear hub Saturday morning and everything is OK.

The Saab cooling fan wiring was, as expected, just as easy as expected. New terminals on, cooling fans working.

I’m also tentatively scheduled to take the Landy over to a friend’s shop to borrow the lift.


The Alfa is... going to get ignored.

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Tooty Scooty Bearings - As mentioned in a previous post, the motorized bike ate one if its rear bearings. I’ve (hopefully) sourced the correct replacements, so once those arrive Saturday, I need to rebuild, pack, and reassemble the rear hub. Then put everything back together and hope for the best.


Saab Cooling Fans - I didn’t do a post about it, but I finally discovered why the Saab is/was overheating! The wires that go to the theromoswitch that turn on the electric cooling fans were so corroded that despite being bare metal, they might as well have been plastic. Corrosion is weird. The plan is to just replace them, rather than attempt to clean them. This is a 5 minute job I’ve been putting off for over a month. Then again, there are four cars between the Saab and the open road right now, so that is part of the reason. Anyway, this is something I have no excuse not to do.

Land Rover Fluids - One of the Landy’s underbits has started to whine. This is likely a bearing in one of the diffs and likely terminal. From my reading, this is something that can go on for years before it gets bad enough to be worth addressing. Anyway, the plan is to change the fluids in both diffs and the transfer case. I’ve asked my mechanic friend if he wouldn’t mind me borrowing his lift for this one, because eff everything about doing fluid changes without one, but I’m not going to put any eggs in that basket. I might slither under there and just do it, or I might decide beer and video games sounds like more fun.


Land Rover Tire - One of the tires on the Landy is in desperate need of a patch. If I have time, I’ll run it by a tire place, but likely this will have to wait until next week.

Alfa Valve Cover - Apparently the way the valve covers on these is designed, crud can build up and needs to be manually removed. Since mine has never been done, I’m inclined to think it needs it. Also the last time I dove it the valves sounded a little tappity, so I’d like to do this before I take it out again. I have the cover, so there is really no excuse.


Alfa Oil Pressure - I need to check or change the oil pressure switch on the Alfa. Just in case.

So... of these I think the Saab and the Scooty will 100% get done. I’d like to do the Land Rover, but I hate doing anything with gear oil so... I give that one a 50/50. The Alfa will probably not get done, but you never know...


What is oppo up to this weekend?

Doggo for your time.

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