Not all that disappointed! Tl;dr is I completed 3 of the 6 things I set out to do, and realistically did 100% of what I thought I was going to manage to do.

The Land Rover’s diffs and transfer case got new fluid on Sunday. The fluids looked pretty good, though the rear diff had more “wear paste” on the plug than I would have liked. Still, not bad.


Other stuff was covered in my mid-weekend update, below, but I managed to get the motorized bike back together and working again, plus the Saab is on the road again too.

The Alfa didn’t get any love aside from getting moved, as anticipated. I could lie to you and say that I checked the oil pressure switch... but I didn’t. I didn’t even get it into the garage yet. It is still in the courtyard... though it looks damn fine there so I may leave it for a bit.


I did start a first time play of Chrono Trigger. Being one of “THE” J-RPGs, I figured I’d give it a shot. Despite my claim to be a game, I was never hooked by Earthbound or Final Fantasy 3/6. I almost finished Secret of Evermore when I was a kid, but lost interest after I missed accessing an area and was permanently cut off.

So far I’m impressed with Chrono Trigger’s graphics, music, and gameplay but the story isn’t doing it for me. Time will tell (HA!) if I pick it back up after this weekend or while I am out of town next week.