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Weekend Car Spotting

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I am not fortunate enough to have a "Cars and Coffee" near me so I have to find other ways to get my car fix on the weekends. Cape May, NJ has good taste in cars, nothing too exciting but here is a run down. Whoever said Americans don't buy wagons has not visited Cape May. I spotted: a B4 A4 Avant, a E91 3-seres, two current gen E-class wagons, about a dozen Jetta Sportwagens and at least twenty or so older Subaru and Volvo wagons. There was also a Tesla Model S and a few nice Audis like the one pictured. The wife and I really enjoy visiting Cape May it's a quick day trip, it is always a bit cooler than where we are, she gets to check out the Victorian architecture and I get to spot some nice cars.


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