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Weekend Chevelle Trans Swap Progress Update

Despite the heat (I can’t complain, it’s better than an early winter) and many other things-to-do, I did make some progress on the Chevelle this weekend.

For one, I drove down to Summit to pick up the formerly-backordered shift linkage seen above, then installed it on the transmission. More on that Summit trip later.


I also cut a hole in the floor in what I’m like 99% sure is the right spot. I hope. It can be off by a little and the hump-extension will cover it (outline shown in black).


Today’s main task was to take the wire cup wheel on the grinder to the driveshaft (and wire brush the yoke part of the slip yoke) and give it a fresh coat of paint, which dried promptly in the 90 degree air. Last night I was knocking the old u-joints out and somehow decided this needed to happen.


Careful observers will recall that my clutch linkage is directly interfering with my headers. While I was at Summit on Saturday, I found a set of their house brand SBC long tube headers on display conveniently next to a set of shorty ones much like mine. Knowing where the interference is, I know that their long tubes will clear the clutch linkage, if nothing else. Just have to come up with some funds for them (the other swap parts plus getting a furnace installed in the garage has drained my checking account).

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