Indeed I’m excited for this weekend. I’m about to make the 130 mile trip to my home shop to start the fabrication process on my new front sway bar. I also get to pick up my kiddo (she loves garage time) and let loose after one rather rough work week.

We know the work ahead of us is going to be our most challenging yet, but the excitement of the challenge is what does it for me.


Next weekend I’m servicing the CVT transmission and doing my POR-15 undercoating on her. The very next modification is a big one; manual transmission swap. It’s never been done on this platform so that’s huge for us. I’m electing to service the CVT as it IS my daily, and I realized I’m over on it. Plus, someone else in the community could use a good spare I’m sure.

Stay tuned, we will be doing YouTube coverage on the task at hand. I can’t wait to report back with how it went and the difference it ends up making.

Have a great weekend Oppo!

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