Last weekend I went down to LA to meet with IM to do some office furniture shopping because he is in a new office and some reason his team doesn’t like the ratty old furniture. So after some interesting shopping we went to find some car shenanigans.

I’ll start off with my room and view. I now see why Toby is so spoiled. Also some very nice wall maps at the furniture store reminded me of roads I love to drive and ones I keep meaning to. So SoCal Oppos, let us go explore some.

Since one of the furniture stores was a bust we found this junk yard antique store that was quite interesting and then a lovely German car shop.


First off Beverly Hills Car Club is beyond fucking amazing. If you have not been there, it is like the Peterson but all the cars are for sale and show signs of use which by far is better than pristine cars on pedisols.


I basically had a crisis from the amount of big Healeys in one room. I was flabbergasted at all the models and different version hidden away in there. IM was trying to get my attention on a manual 928 there was there and I said, “I don’t care, look at these Healeys!” I think I spent a good 10 minutes drooling before actually looking. There was only one 100/6 BN6 there that I could see (which is my prefered model). Sadly it was red, but in great shape. Was super tempting to try and trade my GTO for one XD. But honestly I would have spent all day there looking over the Healeys. So I shall most likely be going back. God I need a big Healey.

Then off to lunch and the local Ducati and KTM dealer. That was fun and some really really cool bikes including the $40k Corse Panigale V4R. And just some great Beverly Hills DOTS.


IM got us tickets to a horror movie experience. It was really neat and had some awesome installations. Afterward we met up with Spambot who was surprisingly early to the dinner meet up where we were late. Found this great speakeasy style place for dinner and honestly I though it was awesome. Great food, music, and drinks.

All in all a great trip