1. Finally timed my truck. Used a camera on the speedo and edited the video to get the time. I know my wheel speed sensors line up with the GPS, so it should be pretty accurate.

Did 3 runs, got consistent 0-100kph times of 7.5 seconds. 0-60mph I got 7.1, 7.1 and 7.0 seconds. Considering the magazine tests come in with 0-60 of 6.7-6.9 seconds, I think that’s pretty good. The interesting thing is, though, that these were far from optimum conditions (though there were a few tradoffs). It was cold (good for engine, bad for traction), surface had plenty of salt grit (bad for traction), I was on Blizzaks snow tires (bad for traction), and I forgot to turn traction control off (could go either way, at least on this surface—I got in one run were it didn’t come on, so since my times were consistent I don’t think it did anything), and 89 gas (good for power).

I realize I’m just flattering myself to think it would go much faster even though the indications are that it would, but that feels good. I may not test it again just to keep that feeling :)

Nah, who am I kidding.

2. Installed new muffler. Borla ProXS.

First impressions. Quieter than I’d like, but that’s the reason I chose it. Flow benefits without bleeding ears on the highway and without pissed off neighbours. It isn’t much louder than stock, but it’s a much nicer noise. Under load at low revs you can hear it much better, which I love since that’s one of my favorite aural spots in the rev range. Overall, I like, though if I had nothing else to worry about I’d have put on a Flowmaster Super 10 instead.


I have to say I don’t get why GM put the stock muffler there. The Borla is lighter, smaller, about the same volume level and flows better. GM already has a contract with Borla (they supply the GMPerformance exhaust systems), so it wouldn’t be difficult.