After 18 years maybe I should change the oil in the differential :)

All you need is a 1/2 socket, 2 quarts gear oil, gasket and/or gasket sealant, drain pan, towels, gloves, light, scraper, wire brush, small hammer and chisel to break loose the cover.

Dont worry, I removed all remains of the old gasket.


The gears look great, no wear as from what I see.

Used a gear oil gasket maker sealant. I usually put a gasket, but I purchased the wrong size. If it leaks then I’ll buy the right gasket.


While waiting for the sealant to cure, I removed a shock absorber and yep it’s bad. I can compress it with one finger.


Oil is oil :)

Painted the cover silver. Should of painted the whole axle. Maybe when I change the shocks.