What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Right, then...

So today’s project involves posting an ad for the XC70. When I bought it, I said I’d keep it until 200K...she’s got 193K on her now. She’s served me well, but I figured I’d change up before I needed to replace the suspension bushings again. Trying to get it sold before we go on vacation next Friday so I don’t have to worry about parking while we’re gone. Sort of dreading it as sales seems to be a PITA, but it’s gotta go sometime, I reckon.


Tomorrow may involve looking at installing new horns (Hella Sharptones) on the Outback. Subiemods has a custom bracket and wiring harness, but I understand they’re not necessary.

20:40 PDT - So got two responses from CL.  One guy just wrote back:  2000 cash.  That’s it - nothing else.  Another guy asked me to let him know if I was interested in donating it (with no mention of 501(c)) or he’ll give me all he has - $800.  CL is going to be a weird experience, I can tell...

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