I have had a few things I have been meaning to fix on my car and since this weekend looks fairly nice it may just be the time. First is this damn dent in the rear hatch. Cracked paint so I need to pop it back out, sand and repaint. Never done this before so that will be new. Bought paints and everything

Mobile kinja sucks so all the photos will float below the text

Next up is my windshield wipers that, from what I have read, have bjorked bushings and tend to do whatever they want. Sit way too high on the windshield, hit the a-pillar. You name it. Also stepped up my wiper game.

In the end I may not do any of it since there will be snowboarding, drinking, grilling, and probably a few ping pong tournaments biding my time. April fools! No wait, that’s not how that works.