Friend stopped by in their beautiful, low mileage (~30k) 1968 Chrysler Newport. Makes for a wonderful cruiser, but I wouldn’t want to park it.

Any Oppos have experience with FJs? Coworker is looking at them and I don’t know squat except that they stopped making them.

Spotted downtown...a wild RX-7 appears



Passenger camera work at its finest.


Had to clean up the other headlight to try and match it to the brand new one on the driver side. Sorry, no before/after shot but it was very cloudy beforehand. Hopefully will last through summer.

Also did some brake work and sprayed down some bolts with penetrating fluid in prep for replacing the front control arms.


Wouldn’t be a roundup without a picture of the girls together. And here’s a poor sunset shot of the beater Z which will be getting all the attention next warm weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!