This is the thread wherein you post about things you did this weekend that you didn't post during said weekend.

Friday: Grimace get's its period. I was prepping to go to a meet at Dick's Drive In and noticed oil leaking from the right front headlight. "WTF!?", you may be saying. After some troubleshooting Saturday, turns out it's a valve cover gasket leak. I'll be repairing that tonight.

Saturday: Had a buddy from a Celica forum come over to take some measurements of my Supra's drive line, as he swapped in a rear axle into his Celica and now has vibration. He helped troubleshoot the oil leak on Grimace afterwards as well.

I've posted on here before that my neighbor was a "rocket scientist" (he did design quite a bit of stuff on a Space X competitor's vehicle), well, he moved at the end of June. The people he has renting his place are people he knew from a beer brewing club. They also run the local brewing supply store. Well, my wife has become good friends with the daughter next door and had been texting her while she was working at the store. She had a headache and but had no aspirin/acetaminophen so my wife decided it would be a nice thing for us to take her some (not too far and we were going out anyway, so nbd). Got a wonderful tour of their operation, which is MUCH larger than the storefront makes it out to be. Seemed like warehouse space went on for a while. Really cool to see. I'll probably end up starting to learn to brew my own beer soon. (sorry liver.)
While we were leaving the shop, I ran into something very interesting:

A 1940 Ford Deluxe. I ended up oogling and taking pictures for so long, the owner came out of the brew store and I asked him about it.
Very little is non-original. His father bought it in 1957 or 1958 and kept it in the garage until 2000. He's been taking it out and driving it ever since. The vent windows are the original Ford safety glass. And it has its original WWII gasoline ration sticker in the window.


Green stamp on the dash.


I love the gauges and dash on this.


Dat interior.


Sunday: Took my kid to GameWorks via an "All Day Play Card" Groupon we've been forgetting about. Spent about 4 hours there only to get home and realize I had 2 quizzes due by midnight. It was 8pm, and I get up at 3am. Didn't get to bed until 11pm. Well worth the smile on her face while she was playing games like Initial D, Tanks, and air hockey.

So, fellow Opponauts, what's your weekend roundup?