Alright, so Tucker (aka Rallyfortwo) finally got license plates...they’ve been expired since April 1st, 2016 (Irresponsible, I know). I’m finally legal now! And...

When I took off my original plates I was greeted with an Easter Egg!


The dealer put the plates on before I even got to see the car, apparently whoever put the plates on just screwed the plate on without removing the dealer placard first. So this thing has been on my car since new and I never even knew!

When playing around with the plates on Tucker, I discovered how the front license plate box will dig into the bumper paint if left on for too long. I removed the box once in the past when the car only had a few thousand miles, but put it back on when I realized how terrible they drilled the holes.

Well, I’m not going to make the same mistake for Phil, so off went the box!


Now, I have a plan for getting rid of those holes, a plan that will only cost a dollar. I just need to get a specific tool for the job. Stay tuned! :D


Also, in my search for parts for Tucker’s rally conversion, I discovered something interesting. Because the Phase II smart Electric Drives were very very heavy, they all came with beefed up suspensions. Ironically, when you put these springs and struts on a regular ICE smart (they all have the same mounting points and hardware, just much stronger), the car gets a 2 or 3 inch lift. These things are cheap too!

I could potentially combine the ED springs with the lift kit and get a hilariously tall lift (I estimate total ground clearance of around 14 or so inches). I’m not sure 14 is safe, so I might just choose one over the other. Then I would definitely want to add spacers so I can get very wide rubber. Squeee I’m getting excited!!

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