Weekend to-do list

Drop the front end another .5" so ride height is the same front to back. Also reattach my rear lip spoiler which has been partially sepperated for over a month now. And finally... Wash, wax and interior detail! May even put the car on blocks and clean the wheels separately... It’s just so satisfying

Other odds and ends that I may or may not feel like taking care of this weekend:

Check my brakes out. Drivers side front pad seems to be sticking a bit.

Parking brake cable needs to be adjusted... But after the clusterfuck that was getting the parking brake to work, I’m hesitant to fiddle with it


Set up a velcro tablet mount of some kind for longer trips. I like having a big map to look at even if I don’t necessarily “need” directions. Useful for finding cool roads/lakes/etc. In new places.

Maybe, maaaaaybe replace the foam padding in my seats with memory foam/gel padding.

Clean the engine bay. Which will last until I go offroading again so.... Not worth it

Play around with different front to rear tire pressures and rebound/compression rates. My tires are already almost dead, may as well mess around with a drift setup for a little while and see how super high tire pressures in the rear changes the driving dynamics.

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