Weekend to Rio Grande City, Texas

In a matter of 30 miles, the terrain from McAllen to Rio Grande City changes. It goes from plains to small hills. The caliche rock goes from tan to red. I will say its beautiful out in the western part of the Rio Grande Valley.


We traveled to Sunset Ridge Off-Road Park in Rio Grande City. Its a ranch that the owner ran Jeep trails through it. Its fairly new and vast. The owner calls the ranch, “The Hill Country of the Valley”.

Down here in the Valley, there isn’t places to go into the backcountry unless you get access to someone’s ranch or land. There is also South Padre Island.

The trails were not hard at all but were so much fun to do. We did a night run through the trails and set camp up on a hill. The night run was by far an awesome experience.


It had been a couple of months since I had camped and had been so excited to camp out at this ranch. It was well worth it.


More trip videos coming soon to the channel, stay tuned!

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