Weekend Track Update

Friday I worked a 12 hour shift until 2:30pm, so naturally like a normal gearhead I decided to rush home and head straight to the track for the night. Got to Gingerman Raceway around 4pm and set up camp, registered, went to the rider’s meeting, and got my bike tech’ed by 5pm. Pretty freaking busy.

I haven’t been to Gingerman before so it was a new experience for me. I kind of hated it to be honest. It’s a pretty flat track, not much elevation change, and a few decreasing radius corners which just weren’t fun at all.


The first lap in, my buddy (on the right) blew the head gasket on his cbr1000rr which we JUST replaced the engine on last week fml. This is the 3rd engine he’s had in this bike and now we gotta figure out whether to get another engine to put in there or to just get a new bike.

About halfway in, my full titanium exhaust decided to burn a nice hole in my coolant reservoir so we ended up packing up and heading out early, luckily we got refunds for the track day though.

So I need to replace my coolant reservoir, and I noticed my brakes weren’t on par so I need to figure out what’s going on with them, put new stainless lines on a month ago so I guess I’ll bleed them again, hopefully that’s the issue.


^ Sweet shot of a friend that he got a month ago.

So friday went decent, and then Saturday I put 300 miles on my 07 cbr600rr street bike to spend the day at the lake with the family.


A pretty solid weekend.

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