Made some major progress over the weekend. Did all of this by myself, since I couldn't get any help from anyone.


I got the transmission cleaned yesterday, as well as deleting the A/C system and all the emissions hoses (all the vacuum hoses on the left side of last photo) & new motor mounts. Waiting to clean some brackets that I'm soaking before I swap them onto the new motor. That should be done tonight, then I'll mate the transmission up to the new motor and try to get it back into the car tonight as well.

I need to get it back into the garage in the next couple days. I'm on the hook to deploy to North Dakota for the floods and they're making a decision later this week on when I'll be leaving. So I'm working against a clock here, but making decent progress (except for yesterday when the wife just HAD to take me with her to the store. Guh).