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Weekend update: Subtle modernization

Got some wheel center caps for my gen-1 XC90 this week. They’re the newest style, with the black background behind the VOLVO text on the Ironmark, which IIRC Volvo started using when the new XC90 came out a few years ago.

The finished product
The finished product

I also found out after two tanks of gas (premium, since turbocharged again), that I’m getting about the same mileage as I had been with the two Mazda6s I had previously, which were marginally better than the Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon I had before that. This isn’t unexpected, since I’m not going to have great mileage without going to a hybrid since my commute is primarily hills. This means my cost per mile is up somewhat, but I’ve also gained increased capability, a lower-mileage vehicle, and one that I’m more likely to hold onto for long-term.

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