Weekend Work (Now Living)

Got my parts Friday, so I got my motor back together Saturday morning. I rolled it out of the garage around 10 am:


Then I went to work putting everything back together. Around 5 pm I had it all together:

Then to my dismay, she decided starting is not something she wants to do today, just crank and crank and crank. At this point I packed it up for the night, took a shower, and had some Bloody Marys.

Woke up Sunday morning to try to figure out what’s going on. Figuring the crank sensor got damaged installing the trans, so I set to pulling it. Of course it’s stuck, so I say to hell with it. Give the key another try just for shits and giggles, and now it’s cranking and popping off. Still won’t start, but I at least have something now. I have to pack up again so we can go get the kids and run our errands.


Get home Sunday afternoon and I figure I’ll try cranking it over once more. Boom, she fires right up. She was only running on 4, but this gave me a new direction on the issue. I think the injectors/rail are gummed up from sitting, so I’m going to try running it for a bit tonight. If that doesn’t clear it up, I’ll swap my old motor’s injectors.

All in all an accomplished weekend, despite not being able to drive it to work today.



Went home last night and changed out the wonky radiator hose. Then I jumped in and hit the key, she fired right up and settled in to a perfect idle. So I got all the fluids topped off and went for a drive.


I found a terrible vibration above 50 mph, which has me thinking the new axle I put in is junk (no surprise), but the motor seems very strong. Drove it around for a while (staying under 50 mph) without issue. Then I pulled back in at home and noticed something dripping. Apparently my brand new power steering pump is junk as well (again no surprise). So I’ll order 2 CVs and a PS pump today, but she lives again!

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