Weekend wrench

Progress is increasing and confidence is at an all time high. I was able to successfully revitalize the transmission and I was able to troubleshoot some issues ( operator error XD) that I was having.

Namely, I forgot that the idle is naturally higher in park, because drive drops it down significantly. It explains both the difficulties warming up as well as it stalling out in gear/ with brakes applied.


What a difference a little scrubbing makes.

Also, the problem with my tach not working was... That it wasn’t plugged in somehow.


After much swearing I was able to remove the rivets holding the bumper filler so i can swap it to the replacement used bumper. Yes, i know it needs sanded/painted. No, im not doing that right now.


Also fixed my hood alignment, and some more prep work. There really isnt that much more I need to do. Exciting times.


Left: fix the body bolt, install front bumper and wheel wells, tires, install exhaust, diagnose the hvac blower, fix the timing, modify and install the new new oil dipstick, a little work on the windsield washer system, fix the minor transmission fitting leak.

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