Had a couple issues I wanted to address with the fleet this weekend. Forest needed headlights and the driver’s power window was giving me issues. The Soul had blown a brake light.

Forest’s repairs were pretty straight forward. When I had fixed the window last year I hadn’t tightened a couple bolts enough and they had fallen out. Oops! Some blue loctite should help that out.

When I went to check what bulbs I needed for the soul I found something perplexing. The brake light assembly has three bulbs. The middle one for backing up, the bottom one for braking that also lights up with the headlights are on and the top one that just lights up when the headlights are on.

For some reason both the bulbs in the red were two phase. Even though the top bulb has no wiring to illuminate the second filament. I simply swapped the top and bottom bulbs and hey presto all was good.


Seems like Kia could have saved a couple cents and used a bulb with one filament in the top.

Also the brake light assembly is a huge panel!