Painting the rust repair. Image from the internet because google chrome now crashes on my phone when I try to add pictures to kinja.

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On April 29th my dad and I fabricated a new section out of galvanized steel meant for furnace ducts. Then we riveted it to the car. After he went home I spent more time grinding on the other three rust areas. Then treating the rusty areas.

Yesterday May 6th I learned how to bondo. I used it to seal the seams and patch small holes. I eventually got to priming and painting. I expected 6 hours of work; I forgot to double or triple my estimate. I spent 10 hours yesterday until I ran out of paint. That means I have 2 to 8 hours left.


To do list:

1. Paint

2. Sanding

3. Clear Coat

4. New Hood Latch

5. Oil Change

Illustration for article titled Weekend Wrenching

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