As previously reported, the Vespa variator, belt, and clutch upgrade was a success. I just need to order a new transmisson cover.

We spent a few hours working on the Cressida, primary on the a/c. My pal Dave thinks I am insane to spend another penny on labor on this, and is determined to help me get it sorted. So here is where we are. We put in the new pressure regulator, to no effect. But I think we learned some things

I think the diagnosis is wrong, and Dave agrees. The compressor turns on and runs fine. The system holds pressure, without apparent leaks. The evaporator bubbles in the sight window. It should work. But it blows hot.


The odd thing is the temp never changes when you slide the temp control. In the Sunchaser (borked a/c), “cold” blows ambient temperature air and “hot” blows hair dryer temperature air. If the Cressida’s problem was the a/c, the same would be true.

I think the problem lies in the climate control system - I think some flap somewhere is stuck and won’t flip back to cold. I am going to pull the dash off at some point and find out.


But what resolved is that the Cressida is getting its a/c fixed in my driveway, not the shop. Stay tuned.