Weekend Wrenching Updates! (Cé hé sin Bait)

The 450 started and I have a plan for the 451!

This winter has been tough on my machines. The ABS fails in my 451 once you hit 60 mph and my 450 is suffering from a seized alternator.


I recently learned of a DIY shop nearby that offers lifts and pro tools for $28/hr. Fantastic, I can change the 451's reluctor rings in maybe an hour or so with real tools and a lift. Hell, real tools and a floor jack are all I need. I also now have a copy of the smart shop manual so I can check the wheel sensors themselves, though I doubt they’ll really be an issue.

As for the 450, I decided to arm myself with a bottle of Krud Kutter. This stuff is pretty impressive. It dissolves rust from many surfaces. Unfortunately, it works best in summer weather, which today is not.

The alternator pulley looks pretty clean now. However, it remains seized. Doing some more research, I figured out that with certain tools I could make freeing up and replacing it easier. But even if I do get it unstuck I think I’ll have to replace it before I can trust the car again.


Due to today’s warmth, the battery had enough strength to start the car without the alternator turning...mmmm burning belt. So yay, at least I know the car runs! lol

Anyway, for Cé sin: Our cars use the same alternator. Don’t park your roady for too long or you’ll end up like me. But if you do end up like me, the smart guru Kane has our backs.




So while I haven’t made any real tangible progress, I feel a lot less stressed about how I’m going to fix both of these issues without getting reamed by a dealership (451) or having to get towed somewhere (450).

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