Weekend Wrenching Woes - A self pity post

This is me wallowing in self pity. It is a lot of fun. You should try it some time. I did attempted some wrenching this weekend and it didn’t go super well.

First off I took the Honda’s distributor off to try and discover the source of all my troubles. This went fine, though several bolts have been lost to the engine bay. I got the distributor off and had a promising find! A hidden ground on the back of the dizzy. Maybe this is part of the problem.


It was all pretty much downhill from there.

The distributor cap has a 70mm o-ring seal, which is both broken and NLA. RTV it is.

I went ahead and re-tested my vacuum advance and that turned into “an thing”. The advance canister has two ports, one advances immediately upon applying vacuum, the other doesn’t hold vacuum at all. I can’t seem to find any information on which one should be connected to what and why. The FSM shows testing the lower one, which should move the stator at 20 inHg. Neither of my pods does this, so the vacuum advance is now suspect.

Of course, you can’t just buy one of these. You have to shell out the $200 to buy a whole new distributor, of course. I have one on the way and the plan is to test them side-by-side. If the “new” one performs the same, then back it goes.


Ok, so stalled out on that, I thought I’d go ahead and touch up the plastidip so I can actually do a damn color reveal. The masking tape left a bunch of residue on the plastic, so I needed to clean that off. Long story short, I got some Goo Gone on the plastidip and they don’t like each other. Now I have what looks like a “run” on the passenger door. Great.

Ok... so I fucked that up bad enough, maybe I’ll work on getting the light bars installed. I had to special order some 100mm long M6 screws for this and they’d finally come in. I get about halfway though the install and one of the screws doesn’t want to thread. I just about strip my special order screw before I finally give up. Plan is to chase the threads tomorrow, but I need to buy the correct tool for that.



So I’m 0/3 of doing car stuff this weekend.

At least the lawn mower started.....

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