Is it Tool Time yet? I don’t think so, Tim...

My brother’s new acquisition had been sitting for an estimated 12 years, so before making any repairs, we decided to start with a good pre-cleaning.

The interior had its share of dust & debris begging to be cleaned up. I’m sure that there was some light mold in that dust, too. So to improve the work environment inside the car, we vacuumed the carpet and wiped down the other surfaces.

My brother also applied some silicone to the door seals, and leather conditioner to the upholstery. It soaked right in, and will surely need another treatment.


We then washed the exterior of the car, scrubbing away the accumulated grime. The body’s got some rough spots, but this preliminary bath made a startling difference in the car’s appearance from when we found it.


Despite the faded paint on top, the sides shone liked they hadn’t in over a decade.

Yeah, we didn’t bother cleaning the tires. They’re junk anyway.

After the body was clean, we picked out some random leaves, nuts, and bits of hood insulation that was under the intake runners, and proceeded to degrease the engine bay. After rinsing it off, I hit it with my leaf blower to accelerate the drying process.


Some more paint flaked off of the valve cover, but it was already loose anyway, so that’s to be expected.

Once the car was clean both inside and out, we opened up all the doors and let the sun (and what little breeze there was) do the rest on this 90°(F)+ day. Before hooking up a battery, we wanted to let the engine compartment finish drying out, and let the cabin air out too.

It’ll need a more thorough cleaning later on, but at least it’s not so bad to work on now.


Ok, now we can start wrenching!