I’m bored. Weezer.

#10 - Raditude

This album is literal crap and I will hear none of it. The late 2000s were just not a good time for 90s alt rock bands.

#9 - Red Album


“meh” Some songs were aight, but it’s just kinda boring. That’s the most I can really say about it. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t like it either.

#8 - Maladtroit


The overall consensus is that people seem to like this, more than their other 2000s efforts. Why?

#7 - Green Album


Doesn’t deserve half the hate it gets. Sure, the album is a bit inconcise at times, but Island In The Sun is one of the best pop songs ever made and it redeems this album completely.

#6 - Make Believe


My (and a lot of other people’s) first exposure to Weezer. Once again, doesn’t deserve half the shit it gets, but I can see why some people don’t like it. Some of it’s just a bit too poppy and clean, and sometimes the songwriting falls completely flat on it’s face. But, it’s not bad.

#5 - Hurley


Fuck you, I liked it.

#4 - White Album


Many called it a comeback for Weezer. But it was actually their second comeback this decade. Overall, it’s really good, one of the best albums of the year IMO.

#3 - Everything Will Be Alright In The End


This album fucking rocked, the best thing they’ve released since Pinkerton.

#2 - Pinkerton


You know, I love Pinkerton. But I can’t help but feel that all the praise this album has gotten is because of the immense hate it got when it was released. It’s good, but a tiny bit overrated. Some of the songwriting is flat out cringeworthy, although the best songs on the album (Namely The Good Life and Why Bother?) completely make up for travesties like Pink Triangle and Across The Sea.

#1 - Blue Album


The best.

I shouldn’t even have to explain this, songs like The World Has Turned And Left Me Here, Surf Wax America, and In The Garage explain themselves. One of the best albums of the 1990s, an opinion held by myself and a good bit of actual, credible, music critics.