Weight reductions total 47.1 lbs:

  • 15x8 6UL wheels: -15.6 lbs
  • Wilwood BBK: -14 lbs
  • Ohlins DFV coilovers: -5 lbs
  • Lightweight battery: -5 lbs
  • Windblocker delete: -4 lbs
  • Sun visor delete: -2 lbs
  • Head unit upgrade: -1.5 lbs

Weight additions:

  • Hardtop: +45 lbs

So, with the hardtop on, she weighs 2269 lbs.

Hardtopless, she’s at 2224 lbs. I could get her under 2200 if I decide to remove the air conditioning I never use.

Coupled with the dyno run I did a few years ago (110 hp/100 tq), the Miata at a mile above sea level boasts a hilarious power-to-weight ratio of 20.62/20.21 pounds-per-hp (with/without hardtop).

Once I get the turbo manifold & external wastegate installed on the GTX later this month, I’ll weigh it, too.

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