You all in Europe won’t notice much of a weight difference between your Aventador and the Aventador S, however we in the US just got a massive weight reduction!

US Aventador: 691 hp | 4,083 lbs (1852 kg) | $403,000.

US Aventador SV: 740 hp | 3,900 lbs (1769 kg) | $493,000.

US Aventador S: 730 hp | 3,700 lbs (1678 kg) | $421,000.

One more update and we’ll have the same car that you all have been driving over seas! I expect every US review will be losing their minds over how much of an improvement this Aventador S is over the Aventador and that the SV is completely irrelevant by comparison because the S is on an entirely different planet! Meanwhile, I reckon the UK reviews will say it’s a right proper update.