Getting serious about weight reduction. I’ve been messing around with motor oil that claims to be zero weight but it still feels like all the bottles weigh about the same to me. Using critical thinking, I’ve determined that zero weight means that the oil adds zero weight to the standard total weight of motor oil your engine needs to run effectively. So are there any good negative weight oils I can use for weight reduction?

My assumption is if you poured equal amounts of 10W-30 and -10W-30 motor oil into an engine, they would cancel out and become the equivalent of using just 0W-30. Thus if I just pour in some -30W motor oil into the motor I’ll save 30 weights! Now, I’m not sure what a “weight” is in American units. It sounds British to me like stone.


11 pound1140.4536
141 stone16.350
281 quarter212.70
1121 hundredweight850.80
22401 (long) ton1601016

It says that a single hundredweight is equal to 8 stones/50.8 kg/112 pounds. So if a “weight” is 10% of a hundredweight then the total amount of 0W motor oil my engine carries must be around 11.2 pounds. That sounds about right to me since five quarts of oil is about all I needed to keep it running good and stuff. If I can just find some -10W motor oil, I can drop my fluid weight down to a total of 1.2 pounds! If any of you know where I can find some negative weight oil, let me know!!


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