That was a first. This was the first time I have been accused of having a far left wing agenda. I am a management side labor attorney, so I am usually accused of being a right wing tool of oppression.

I spoke on gender bias in the legal profession today. Summary and spoiler alert: Law is the whitest, malest profession of all. 88% white. Despite increases in “non-white” lawyers, black representation has been flat for 25 years. Women are underrepresented, face frequent sexual harassment, limited advancement, and terrible wage disparity. I have seen all of this firsthand, and actively try to be different in my firm.

I challenged the lawyers to do better, with the basic thesis that we who provide work have to make an effort to provide fair opportunity and change the culture of the profession.

When I spoke of work-life balance, a lawyer, a Latina woman, raised her hand. She aid she was tired of having diversity shoved at her, and went on a rant that included “What about honor? What about our social and moral fabric?” She also defended “that Google memo on biology.” I asked her to explain how honor, or social or moral fabric were threatened by what I was saying, and she had no answer.

I am taking the Vespa tonight across town for a high school football game, where both of my kids are performing with the band. Parking sucks at the stadium, so the Vespa is perfect.