Weird and nasty accident on Finnish highway

Warning! The last two pictures do show some traces of blood. The pictures were still “ok for the newpaper here but they might offend someone.

There was a car gathering/party on Saturday in a small Finnish city. After the midnight the party was over and a group of four people was traveling home with an early 70's Chrysler Newport. They didn’t reach far away before the passengers managed to have an argument. The driver had stopped the car in a place where the shoulder was quite narrow and the car was left partially on the right side lane.


The highway had two lanes per direction and a center barrier in the middle. This type of highway isn’t very common in Finland but in Sweden they are common.

Unlike a surprisingly big amount of Finnish highways, this part didn’t have any high-mast lighting. It’s not pitch black here in July nights but it’s still pretty dark.

The driver stayed in the car but three passenger were trying to solve their argument on the right side lanes. An approaching Russian truck driver didn’t notice the arguing idiots on the road in time. Maybe there was some evasive action but in the end he did hit the arguing idiots. Two of them were killed at the scene but the third one survived with a leg injury. The truck also hit the parked Chrysler but the both drivers remained physically unhurt.

It’s not yet known if the car had any lights on or what the arguing idiots were actually doing when the accident happened. Maybe there was only two arguing idiots? Maybe the driver had a part in the escalation of the argument too? Stopping on this kind of highway is prohibited but the arguing passengers might have left no other choice for the driver.


The news mentioned that the drivers were sober but I’m pretty sure that the arguing idiots weren’t. There is a lot of people in this country that should stay far away from alcohol.


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