Weird Dream

My alarm went off this morning and since my son is WSS (world’s shittiest sleeper) I immediately fell back alseep.

I worked at Sears Auto Center doing oil changes. The first car was a Corolla. This place had a mini auto car wash that we would drive the customer’s car through before going down the ramp to the shop which was two levels below ground. This ramp was steeeeeep, like 45* angle steep which was great now that the brakes were wet from the car was. I had to stand on the brakes with both feet to keep from just flying down 


I take the oil filter off and let the oil drain out from the oil filter attachment and put a new one of and return the car to the owner. The next car comes in, an 85 Camry, same deal, quick run through the car wash and down the ramp of code brown. I’m working on the Camry when I notice an extra bottle of oil. I forgot to refill the Corolla. I run to my boss and tell him. He says not to worry about it, that I hadn’t drained the oil pan and only that there would be plenty of oil left cuz I only drained what would come out of the filter. He said there was too long of a line to worry about it and get back to work.

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